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Work Packages


Research plans

The MINE project is structured in 4 Work Packages (WPs). The research planned for WP1, WP2 and WP3 will be carry out by PhD student, under the combined supervision of leading researchers at Hamburg University and partner scientists.

The main research lines for each WP are listed below.


WP1 Automated event detection and location in mining environments

  • Responsible: Mr. Francesco Grigoli (PhD student)
  • Collaboration with BGR (codirected by Dr. K. Stammler, BGR)
  • Research topics and specific tasks: continuous data handling and interface, triggering and location methodologies, event characterization, catalogues improvement.


WP2 Source characterization of microseismicity

  • Responsible: Mr. Ali Tolga Sen (PhD student)
  • Collaboration with NORSAR (codirected by Dr. D. Kühn and Dr. M. Roth, NORSAR)
  • Research topics and specific tasks: Green’s functions database, source inversion, including determination of point and kinematic source parameters for a range of different event types.


WP3 Stress tomography and fracture monitoring

  • Responsible: Ms. Samira Maghsoudi (PhD student)
  • Collaboration with GFZ (codirected by Dr. S. Hainzl)
  • Research topics and specific tasks: statistical applications, event clustering, microcrack dynamics, linkage to deformations and temperature measurements, stress inversion, visualization interface.


WP4 Local earthquake tomography

  • Responsible: Dr. Simone Cesca (Junior Researcher)
  • Several planned collaboration (e.g., Dr. Stephen Monna, INGV; Dr. Philippe Jousset, BGRM)
  • Research topics and specific tasks: local earthquake tomography, event metadatabase, PhD supervision, project coordination.